April 18 2014

Flying through the clouds I watched in anticipation to see what was below

The lake appeared in its entire shimmering blue glory

My stomach began to nervously move; I was home

My mouth could not be contained from a childish grim; I was home

I looked down as the land began to become speckled in the landscape

The forest was still green from up here even though it was covered in layers of snowfall

It looked harsh, yet I wanted to be immersed in it

To just float above it in a state that was both connected yet far away

I wanted to be one with this land and one with the nature that I had grown to find peace in

The sky was grey but there was a sliver of the sunset that I had enjoyed witnessing on the duration of the flight over

That sliver was where I live

That sliver is my home and my paradise no matter the surroundings;

I live in that sliver of pink and peach and the grey is just the matter that surrounds it, making it all the more sweet

The winter was harsh here

Most things were harsh here

But I’m not here, I’m home


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