Soul on fire/ Poland in 1979

July 1 2015

I have a strange feeling inside that I am actually a different person

Not that I am not who I am

But that there is another spirit or soul deep within me

He is a man

The year, for him, is 1979

He lives in Eastern Europe

Maybe Poland

He is a great writer and poet and his soul is on fire

But he is lonely

And he has been given no credit

He is not cocky

He does not feel he has any reason to be

But he wants to relate to people and he wants them to relate to him

He writes so that people may see that they are not alone

So that the others like him will be united

No matter their distance

Because he knows that he is not alone

And he writes because he is not alone;

And when he writes,

When his soul burns on,

It is then that he knows that the earth is pure and good

I am this man

And he lives inside me

And when he comes out

When he shines through me

That is when I am happiest

Like him, my soul too, is on fire

And one day

Our souls will combine and we will be whole

And my body just might go up in flames


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