vulnerable/ no protection

I realised yesterday that no matter what

how educated or where i go to school

how old

how pretty or ugly

how strong mentally or physically

i become

i will always be a woman

and i will therefore




nothing can protect me

and i realised that i had been fooling myself into thinking that i could escape it

it felt like i’d been d e f l a t e d

like the wall i thought i was building was just blown over

nothing i was doing was ever going to protect me

i’m scared and i’m angry

but mostly i’m vulnerable

what else can i do?


When I run 

 December 2015

When I run

I don’t run for anything

I don’t run to a location

I am running

Running from you

And any ideas of you

And from the thoughts I have




Overthinking and insanity

I run from myself

Yet I always seem to be too slow